I’m so thrilled to have my Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter now available on my favorite shopping site, !! I’m Missy Chase Lapine – mompreneur The Sneaky Chef & mom of a severely allergic daughter, Samantha, who inspired my Sneaky Chef cookbooks & new No-Nut Butter, made from golden peas.
All I can say about my new No-Nut Butter is “a taste is worth a thousand words!” Don’t take my word for it – here are some direct quotes from fans:
I just bought your no-nut butter and I’m so grateful! Finally, a peanut butter substitute that lives up to the promise on the label. I can’t believe it tastes like peanut butter. My children all have nut allergies so I’m always looking for easy lunch ideas or alternatives when I’m cooking and baking. My 4yo twins and toddler love it.
Jamie P., St. Paul MN
My soon to be four year old and my six year old were discussing over lunch (which included your Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter and jelly sandwiches) whether the Sneaky Chef was real. My oldest was sure that there was no real sneaky chef. My younger child insisted that there was. I told them that indeed she was and I would show them her picture on one of the packages. My three year old held up his sandwich and said “it’s my favorite, can you call the sneaky chef and tell her thank you?” So, I’m doing just that. Thank you! From a food-loving free spirited three year old whose world was turned upside down when we received his nut allergy diagnosis this year. And from a mom, who tries her best to keep life fun and healthy and full of choices for that three year old.
Amanda W.
5 ways to use Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter (the yummier peanut butter alternative!)
-as a more delicious PB&J substitute
 -as “icing” on a cake or cupcake
 -swirled on ice cream
 -as a dip for bananas, pretzels, celery, or crackers
 -as the base for a smoothie (add frozen banana and chocolate chips)
 -off a spoon!
Top 5 reasons to eat peas
Small but mighty, these legumes boast a boatload of vitamin K, which keeps your bones healthy. Fiber, vitamin C, and potassium come along for the ride, meaning your heart will be looked after, as well.
And here’s my favorite 5 ingredient nut-free, gluten free Dreamy No-Nut Butter Cookie!

Indiegogo 1st Success!

We have brought in our first new product from our Indiegogo Campaign! The Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter. To celebrate we are offering $2.00 off/jar for a limited time. Cd: SCNNB2off We want to thank everyone for their continued support. We are looking forward to the further improvements we will make as our campaign continues.


Skeeter Nut Free are back!


For those Freelings who have been missing Skeeter’s Nut Free Cookies they are back! At an re-introductory price of $2.99 it is a perfect way to welcome them back to Peanut Free Planet. The mini chocolate chip and mini cinnamon grahams are not only #peanutfree and #nutfree but also all natural and delicious.  They are no longer producing the larger cookies and have decided to focus on what customers have been requesting the most – mini cookies! Perfect summer time + back to school time cookies!



A Great Day for Food Allergies

Multiple outlets reported today that medical researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital believe they have found genetic links to EoE or Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  Marc Rothenberg, MD, the senior investigator and director of the Center for Eosinophilic Disorders at Cincinnati Children’s was quoted saying, “. . . Our results are immediately applicable to EoE and have broad implications for understanding eosinophilic disorders as well as allergies in general.”

To read more about the breakthrough, click on this link to:

Study finds cause of eosinophilic esophagitis—mysterious food allergy, suggests new treatment strategy

Next product to be added to Peanut Free Planet!

Our #Indiegogo campaign  is happy to announce that based upon the requests of our customers over the last 6 months the first new product we will bring in to Peanut Free Planet is The Sneaky Chef Creamy No Nut Butter! This #allergyfriendly spread has a “peanutty” taste and wonderful creamy texture . You won’t believe it is made from golden peas! It is produced in a peanut and tree nut free facility. As well as being #peanutfree and #nutfree it is also soy and #glutenfree! This All Natural peanut butter substitute is made without artificial flavors, artificial colors, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup. Even the jar is BPA free! Missy Lapine, “The Sneaky Chef”, and creator of Creamy No-Nut Butter, is passionate about helping people get more vegetables into their diets. You can find more about The Sneaky Chef and her mission at: Look for recipes here once we have the product in and ready to ship! #allergyfriendlyMissylapinesneakychef no-nut-butters13

Have you looked at our Indiegogo campaign?

As you may know, Peanut Free Planet and Allerrific, the two best places on the internet to buy allergy friendly products, have an Indiegogo campaign underway. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is a way for people and companies to raise money by offering “perks” or value for “donations” or “contributions.” The contributions in the case of Peanut Free Planet and Allerrific are converted into gift certificates that are available for use at a later date. They are available for use in late August 2014.

Peanut Free Planet and Allerrific have three goals for the campaign:

1) Install site wide allergen specific search engines to make it easier for people to shop on the sites

2) Integrate inventory control software across Peanut Free Planet and sister site Allerrific

3) Add four new brands to the Peanut Free Planet and Allerrific websites

We have funders that have contributed 9% of the fundraising goal with 34 days remaining!

The preceding post was and is the opinion of Brian Selwa, President of Peanut Free Planet. You can follow along with stories about food allergies, related matters, and other matters on Peanut Free Planet Facebook, Peanut Free Planet Twitter, Peanut Free Planet PinterestPeanut Free Planet Instagram and the Peanut Free Planet Indiegogo Campaign

All Crackered Up–What is This World Coming To?

The recent firing of 73 year old veteran Joe Koblenzer, a Cracker Barrel host in Sarasota, Florida, for giving away a corn muffin has really left a bad taste in my mouth. A few of the other “writeups” that happened to Mr. Koblenzer–drinking a fountain drink without paying for it and giving away a cup of coffee. Seriously!? We always had free soft drinks and coffee at the Subway and then TGI Fridays I worked at while in college! It wasn’t that long ago! These Cracker Barrel people are nuts, pardon the pun!

Joe Koblenzer

Joe Koblenzer (Fox News Sarasota)

Our companies, Peanut Free Planet and Allerrific give away samples with every order placed on our respective websites. Many of the samples have a retail value close to or over $1.00 each. The Cracker Barrel muffin that he gave away to the homeless person might have a retail value of $1.00, but my guess is that cost them about $.10 to make. And if they are like any other restaurant, many are thrown out every day. Many.

Having operated Peanut Free Planet and Allerrific for nearly 8 years, my wife Heather and I have found that hiring people over 40 has its benefits. They have often held many positions, have a greater perspective on the business, its customers and vendors than a younger person because of their age, and generally are just better employees.

Quite frankly, we don’t get any homeless people at our door. But I know we did occasionally when I worked as a host at TGI Fridays in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, 1989 to 1991, as a college student. We did occasionally give food to people while reminding them that we could not do this on a regular basis and that they needed to seek help from one of the shelters or food banks in the downtown Indianapolis area. Our managers knew what was going on, they always did. We utilized common sense and discretion in doing anything we did. One of the other things our 20 something hosting crew had to do was make certain that accidentally overserved guests did not attempt to drive away in their vehicles. Several times we had to grab our managers who at the time seemed so “old” in their late 30s and early 40s to utilize their wisdom and experience to “convince” the guest that calling a cab was in the best interests of everyone.

Why do I tell you this? Because working as a restaurant host, you see a lot of things. You have to use judgement. You have to utilize your brain. My managers had bigger issues to deal with while running a Franchise of the Year that had 3.5 million in revenue. In the end, things like giving a bit of food away just did not matter. We had bigger fish to fry and everyone knew it from the owners Sanford “Sandy” Levinson and the White Family (billboard and hotelier fortune) who made certain that we had a great benefit package in addition to our wages, down to the dishwasher, if you consider a dishwasher low man on the totem pole. Sandy was (is) one of the hardest working, kindest and best businessmen I ever had the pleasure of working for and the same goes for the White family. They did not have to offer what they did to us, but they did it because they knew it made us a better organization. Dishwasher “Toe Man” as he affectionately had been nicknamed for years, was a Navy vet. I don’t think many knew his real name. He ran his “post” with great efficiency and put up with no one. He was a really nice guy too. It took over a year, but manager Vivian Farris finally convinced him that there was life beyond dish washing, and began to see to it that he received training to work on the line in the kitchen.

“Toe Man” was a lot like a lot of vets that I have met over the years–kind, caring, generous, no BS when necessary, and hard working. I believe a lot of them exhibit those traits because their perspective on life is deeper than most. Working in a restaurant or anywhere else is not a battle ground and although tempers flare occasionally just like in any environment, no one is facing death in the dish room unless they fail to put the silverware from the table they bussed into the soaking container. That could temporarily make them a “POW” of sorts, but it would be quickly forgotten. More to accomplish. More to do. Another crowd to seat and feed.

Back to Peanut Free Planet and Allerrific, we give away samples for events all the time. We don’t know if the people receiving them will ever become customers. We have special requests for samples that meet certain allergen needs. We have no way of knowing what will come of it. We have special requests for a lot of things. As a business owner, I don’t even want to know about it, because in the end, it just doesn’t matter. Too much to do. More to accomplish. Another order to ship.

My former TGI Fridays general manager Mike Bruner was known for being able to function on as little as 4 hours sleep a night and maintain his chipper personality. He was well liked and respected by nearly everyone who worked for him. He also had the illustrious duty of being the “convincer” out in the parking lot with the occasional overserved guest, along with a few of the bigger servers to assist the guest in getting into the cab without falling down.Thankfully that happened only a few times a year, but I still remember it 25 years later! I am certain he would not have hired the Cracker Barrel general manager who chose to fire 73 year old veteran Joe Koblenzer as a manager. He would not have even hired the person as a dishwasher. Joe Koblenzer, on the other hand, sounds like he would have been a great host.

The preceding post was and is the opinion of Brian Selwa, President of Peanut Free Planet. You can follow along with stories about food allergies, related matters, and other matters on Peanut Free Planet Facebook, Peanut Free Planet Twitter, Peanut Free Planet Pinterest and Peanut Free Planet Instagram and the Peanut Free Planet Indiegogo Campaign

A Week Full of Teenage Accomplishment

The week of June 22nd, 2014, had three stories that stood out where teens or preteens really showed their stuff regarding food allergies and anaphylaxis.

In the first story from Tecumseh, Michigan, 11 year old Boy Scout Charlie Marsh calmly called 911, packed a bag for his mother and his infant sister with FPIES, who had a bad reaction to cereal she ate, and waited outside for the ambulance to arrive. This story courtesy of


Lenawee Community Ambulance president and CEO Dale Berry and LCA vice president Dirk Borton recognize Charlie Marsh, right, for helping to save his baby sister’s life.
(Submitted photo)

Charlie with his baby sister Presley. (Submitted Photo)

Charlie with his baby sister Presley. (Submitted Photo)


In the second story from the worldwide Technovation Challenge in Santa Clara, California, the Fremont, California, ‘Fantastic Four,’ 4 high school sophomore girls, built a smartphone app that translates dietary needs into four languages. Two of the four 15 year old high school sophomore girls have allergies to garbanzo beans and tree nuts that have required multiple visits to the ER. They plan to add five more languages to the app and other features to the app before making it available soon. Story courtesy of the San Jose Mercury News.

Jessica Singh, Anjali Walia, Anushka Walia, and Sriya Lingampalli discuss their mobile app, "Foodini," at the Technovation Challenge, a mobile app startup competition in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday evening June 18, 2014. (Calyse Tobias/Mosaic)

Jessica Singh, Anjali Walia, Anushka Walia, and Sriya Lingampalli discuss their mobile app, “Foodini,” at the Technovation Challenge, a mobile app startup competition in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday evening June 18, 2014. (Calyse Tobias/Mosaic)


Twin sisters Anushka Walia and Anjali Walia, both 15, from Fremont, Calif. describe their app at the Technovation Challenge, a mobile app startup competition in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday evening June 18, 2014. (Calyse Tobias/Mosaic)

In the third story from Fenton, Michigan, a mom suffering from anaphylaxis due to a bee sting was rescued by her teen daughter and friend. Heather Kettle is severely allergic to bee stings and when she was stung, her daughter administered medication and the friend kept her calm after getting younger children out of the pool. She went to the ER and was stable a few hours later.  Story courtesy of Tri-County Times.


She only just made it inside when daughter Courtney, 15, and Vincent Cantu, 18, had to work to save her life. (TRI-COUNTY TIMES | TIM JAGIELO)

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Peanut Free Planet Indiegogo Campaign Underway!



If you did not see our post from yesterday, Peanut Free Planet has an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign underway. Indiegogo is very similar to Kickstarter crowdfunding where people fund ideas and concepts by paying ahead or paying forward.

We are funding three Peanut Free Planet projects with the funds including:

1.  A Peanut Free Planet specific Website allergen search engine to filter down to only products that can be consumed based on the food allergy requirements of the consumer.

2. Inventory control software to link across several sites including Peanut Free Planet

3. Add 4 new brands to Peanut Free Planet that customers have been requesting.

Keep us with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to contribute and follow along!

With Best Regards,

Brian Selwa

Peanut Free Planet

Peanut Free Planet Indiegogo Campaign Starts Wednesday June 25th!

We have decided to try out an Indiegogo campaign to move a few projects along! The Indiegogo campaign starts on June 25th, 2014, and runs through August 9th, 2014.

Indiegogo “empowers people to activate the global community to make ideas happen.” We certainly hope that it will do that for our company. Peanut Free Planet has served the food allergy community since 2006 and this is the first time that we have entered into a public campaign for help with any projects.

1. We are going to implement a website wide food allergy specific search engine that will show shoppers only the products that that meet their specific food allergy needs.

2. We are going to implement inventory control software over our websites so that we can provide top level customer experiences to our customers.

3. We are going to bring in four new brands of products that customers have been asking for over the past few months.

There will be link to the campaign in my Tuesday post!

Thank you for reading this!

With Best Regards,

Brian Selwa

Peanut Free Planet